SERVICES WE OFFER: Did you know that TEST ‘N’ TAG ORANGE offer more than just test tagging? We can also inspect your fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire blankets and smoke alarms. We can also inspect & restock your first aid kits. Need a first aid certificate? We can help you out there too!. TEST ‘N’ TAG ORANGE is an approved provider of first aid training through PARASOL EMT (RTO# 2551). All training is nationally recognised and fully accredited. Why not contact us today to discuss your needs. ELECTRICAL TESTING: We provide testing and tagging to AS/NZS 3760:2010 on all class I, class II & 3 phase equipment, RCD’s, cord sets and powerboards. We can also provide microwave leakage testing. We offer a mobile service to your home, business, office or work site. Plug top and extension socket replacements can be done onsite to replace faulty or damaged plugs / extension sockets. Minor tool repairs, brushes, leads, etc. We also carry replacement IEC and figure 8 leads At the end of the testing process, We provide a full test log via email. We can print and send the logs if required. TEST ‘N’ TAG ORANGE  will contact you before your tags are due to expire to arrange a time for retesting so you will not have to worry about having expired tags. We can supply “New To Service Tags” to be applied to any brand new equipment that arrives between testing intervals. This equipment will be tested, tagged and added to your register at our next visit. Our tags contain all the necessary information including Competency number, test date, retest date and includes the relevant standard printed on the tag (AS/NZS 3760) FIRE ASSET INSPECTIONS: (Click Here for more info) Inspections of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire blankets and stand alone smoke alarms as per the Australian Standards (AS 1851-2012) Fire assets require 6 monthly inspections in order to remain compliant. We complete inspection logs on the fire assets we inspect. We then issue an inspection report or defect report. We can also replace or supply new units if required. Or if the units require pressure testing or refilling, We can organise that for you aswell. Often it can be more economical to just replace some units. FIRST AID KIT INSPECTIONS: (Click here for more info) First aid kits are an essential asset for you and your staff. Workplace laws state that first aid kits are compulsory in ALL workplaces, even sole traders. First aid kits also need to be easily accesible to all staff, contractors and visitors at all times they are in your work area. Heavy fines apply for not having adequate first aid kits available. We check to make sure your contents are adequate for the area / worksite they are used in. We also check to make sure that all the contents are current and “in date”. Most contents of first aid kits have an expiry date. We can restock your kit if you are missing any items, or if your items are past their used by date. We can also supply new, compliant first aid kits. We carry a range of first aid kits instock ranging from small kits through to the larger, wall mounted kits. Click here for a link to some of our kits FIRST AID TRAINING: (Click here for more info)  We can provide Nationally Recognised Training in first aid as an approved provider for PARASOL EMT (RTO# 2551) We offer training courses on a  monthly basis. Or we can arrange a course for any group of 6 or more people at a date that suits you. We can also provide onsite training for our clients (if the client has a suitable training / meeting room available) We offer full courses and refresher courses. A full course is required if the student has not previously held a certificate, or if their certificate has expired. The full course is available in mixed mode learning. What that means is that the student can do either an online module, or a workbook for the precourse learning, and then attend a full day training course. If the student has a current, non expired certificate, they can qualify for a refresher course. With a refresher course, there is no need to complete the online or workbook module. Just attend the full day training course. A current certificate MUST be produced to qualify for a refresher course. The main first aid certificate course is HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid. This is the standard for first aid certificates. The certificate is valid for 3 years (With the CPR component recommended annually). HLTAID004 is required for work in child care, aged care and disability care work. We offer the following courses HLTAID001 - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation HLTAID002 - Provide Basic Emergency Life Support HLTAID003 - Provide First Aid HLTAID004 - Provide An Emergency First Aid Response In An Eductaion And Care Setting For course dates, Checkout our facebook page All of the inspection services can be tied in together and completed at the same time to avoid multiple due dates. All services come with a free reminder service. We will contact you before any of the services are due for revisiting. We also do not have a “call out fee” in the Orange area. Minimum quantities apply for areas outside the Orange area.